Help and Frequently Asked Questions

Is the app / your solution free?

Our product is momentarily offered free of charge. We are not planning to charge for its usage in the immediate future.

Who is this app for?

The app is to be used by people with depressive symptomatology or people who want an increase in well-being / happiness levels.

Is the app standalone?

The app should be used as a part of a comprehensive computerized solution for the treatment of depressive symptoms. The greatest benefits are obtained when the app is used in conjunction with a therapist, who has access to your activity via a therapist interface. The therapist can customize the apps' usage and features according to the specifics each client, leading to personalized, computer-assisted interventions.

What if I do not have a therapist?

Although the greatest benefits are when the app is used in conjunction with a therapist, it can also be used standalone, as it can be fully automatized. Please contact us for details.  

Is my data secure?

Your data is stored securely, on industry-standard encrypted servers. Since this app captures clinical data, it is always a good idea not to use identifiable information.

I downloaded the app and wanted to start it, but it asks me for a password.

Since our product is a clinical tool, it can only be used with registered accounts. Please contact us.

I am a therapist. How do I register for a desktop interface account to use this app with my patients?

Please contact us.

How does your solution work?

The app integrates principles from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, such as behavioral activation exercises and restructuring of dysfunctional beliefs. Many of the app's automated features replicate the CBT therapeutic process. They include: the identification of negative dysfunctional emotions, along with the dysfunctional beliefs underlying them, restructuration of dysfunctional beliefs and building behavioral activation exercises.

I am a therapist. Who can see my patients’ info?

Our administrators have access to patient data. We will never distribute this information to anybody. However, it is always a good idea to ask your patients not to use identifiable information (e.g., to use nicknames instead) when they register for an account.

Who are the developers of this app?

This app was developed by a team of doctoral level clinical psychologists and computer programmers, and it is the outcome of a 700000 Euro European Union research grant.

I find some of the navigation features confusing.

Please view our video tutorials, and if you still have questions, contact us.

I am a therapist. How does the patient registration work?

Once you, as a therapist, have registered for an account with us, you will be given a unique patient registration link to send to your patients. Your patients will use this link to register their accounts, which will then have to be activated by you. Once that process is completed, you will have access to your patients and their progress in the app.

In what languages is the app offered?

The app is offered in English and Romanian. A Norwegian version of the app will be available soon. The therapist interface is offered in English.

I still have questions.

Please contact us.